April 7th, 2010


Travel is stimulating.

I never travel without a pad of paper and a pen. On the third or fourth day of any trip, I'll need them. My mind freed by the change in schedule and environment, ideas and plans well up out of me, too fast to commit to memory, and must be set down in ink before my return home makes them scatter and dissipate like the night's dreams in the cold morning light.

My current trip to Maui was conceived as the perfect relaxation vacation. When asked what we were going to do - perhaps snorkel, or dive, or rise at two in the morning to drive up dozens of miles of unpaved road to see a really neat sinkhole at dawn - we patiently explained that we intended to do absolutely nothing.

Doing absolutely nothing, in the tropics, with a surprisingly simpatico travel companion, makes my brain grow ideas like microorganisms on an agar plate.
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