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Science fiction favorites

A co-worker asked me recently for a list of science fiction books I'd recommend. I haven't been reading as much science fiction in the last five years as I used to, but that's partly because my success rate at finding stuff I liked dropped off a bit. If my list of favorites signficantly overlaps yours, please comment and let me know what I'm missing.

I'll follow up with a separate fantasy post sometime soon. It will have some author overlap, but this list was long enough already. My favorites are starred.

    Iain M. Banks

      *Player of Games
      Use of Weapons

    John Barnes

      *Orbital Resonance
      A Million Open Doors

    David Brin

      Uplift Series
      The Postman
      *Heart of the Comet
      Glory Season

    Orson Scott Card

      *Ender's Game and rest of series
      Homecoming series

    Mary Gentle

      First History series

    Robert Heinlein

      Starship Troopers
      Podkayne of Mars
      *The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
      I Will Fear No Evil
      Time Enough for Love

    Frank Herbert


    Nancy Kress

      Probability series
      Beggars series

    China Miéville

      Perdido Street Station

    John Scalzi

      Old Man's War

    Dan Simmons

      *Hyperion series

    Neal Stephenson

      *Diamond Age
      *Snow Crash

    Vernor Vinge

      Marooned in Realtime
      *A Fire Upon the Deep
      *A Deepness in the Sky

    Connie Willis

      *Doomsday Book
      To Say Nothing of the Dog