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Christmas: Oh, about 10% done. Remember the good old days of glorious spreadsheets and 75% done by Labor Day? Ha! But I'm pretty zen about it. I'm not giving to as many people as I used to, I'm not trying to impress anybody, and pretty much everybody I know is trying to cut down on material possessions these days. Win.

Work: Winding up my work on Website Optimizer in the next week and a half, and then joining the Urchin SRE team. I'll have to write more about that in a separate post.

House: Still largely unfurnished. There's lots of stuff strewn about the office and the downstairs hallways, waiting for homes. Also, we've gone through a lot of work picking window treatments, and we even signed a contract last night, but now it turns out they can't install them the way that we want. We're contemplating walking away and trying a different vendor or maybe even Costco. We'll see. It's not like I have the money anyway!

Other house: Empty, now. Needs various touchups, including power washing and some repainting. Still paying a mortgage on it.

Money: Tight.

Elliott: Getting more and more fun all the time. He's been a little under the weather the last couple of days, and so have I, so I got to stay home with him this morning and do a jigsaw puzzle and watch Voltron on DVD. He's getting really good at puzzles, and was making meaningful contributions on the 500-piece puzzle I was putting together. He's also pretty interested in being drilled on addition math facts (like "what's 3+4?") and there's an increasing number of them he can do from memory. The rest he counts out on his fingers. He's been reluctant to read out loud much lately, but if you leave him alone with a book and pretend like you're not watching, he'll sometimes pick it up and read it silently to himself. His lips are moving so I'm pretty sure he's really reading it and not just looking at the pictures.

Jon: Curling once or twice a week, playing web games, swearing off web games, leading a small D&D adventure for some of our friends, and gallantly helping me host five parties or events in as many weeks.

Jon and me: Happier now that the major stress of moving is not so localized any more.

Oscar: Got a new heated cat bed as an early Hanukkah present; deciding if he will accept it, or if Jon's lap is the only acceptable sleeping place.

Google: Still the best job ever, though things are tightening up around here just as they are everywhere else.

Books: I've been reading a bunch of good ones lately. I loved the newest Neal Stephenson tome, Anathem. I've also been on a huge YA kick. A good young adult vampire book is just the kind of escapism the doctor ordered.

I'm out of topics. Ask if you want any other kinds of updates.
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