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I seem to have stopped using LiveJournal. I didn't plan to. The major things on my mind lately haven't seemed appropriate for long-form discussion in a semi-public forum. I've always considered nitty gritty relationship details too private to post, except maybe under tightly locked-down friends-only settings - and really I'd rather just dish in person if I'm going to dish. I feel like Elliott's getting old enough that I should quit writing about his life in any detail - he's an actual person now and as such is entitled to some privacy. The details of what I'm doing at work are mostly proprietary and confidential.

Anything else pretty much fits in a Facebook status message.

I won't shut down this account, and now that I've declared myself done with LJ, I'll probably find myself moved to write three major essays here next week. :) But barring some odd twist of fate, Facebook is the best place to find me for the foreseeable future.

No - big correction. REAL LIFE is the best place to find me. If you're reading this, I probably haven't talked to you in too long - let's get together.
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